Logistics Management System (LMS)

We’RControl’s Logistics Management System, Control Track, is a web based SaaS platform that offers shippers, 3PLs, carriers, and freight brokers real time visibility into their entire logistics supply chain to lower operating costs, improve on time deliveries, and enhance your ability to make strategic decisions based on predictive analytics.

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Packing, Planning, Scheduling, and Tendering

Control Track allows you to group (partial or consolidated) your orders in shipments to begin planning. It optimizes by weight, volume, or pallets and offers visual help to identify the percentage of space occupied by weight and volume. The Tendering module provides carriers the ability to access the system to accept or reject trips and assign drivers which facilitates decision making and optimized response times by offering various tendering options: auction, service level, cost, direct assignment.

Yard and Dock Management

The Yard and Dock module manages truck locations in the yard and available loading docks while capturing unload and loading durations.

Track, Trace, ETA

Control Track provides visibility of current shipments and ETA in real time. Through integration of multiple ELD / GPS providers, the status and progress of deliveries with customers is displayed including estimated, actual and late time comparisons, historical tracing, geofencing validation, arrival alerts, route anomalies, and alerting for unexpected events (traffic, route change, accidents, among others).  Control Track uses the AI powered Google Maps engine to provide the most accurate locations, estimated times, and up to date logistics (speed limits, probable speeds, prior actual travel times, real time traffic info) information available. Full functionality is available via web browser or the free mobile app.

WRC Mobile and Electronic Proof of Delivery

With the mobile enabled electronic proof of delivery module, proof of delivery can be electronically captured and paper eliminated altogether.  The mobile app allows for optimized document scanning including bar codes, QR codes, text, images to capture proof of delivery with signatures including embedded time and location data.

Cost Tracking and Reverse Logistics

Tracking costs in real time can provide better vision into shipping costs per trip allowing for improved budgeting and expense management. With integration into your other systems, manual entry, allowance for additional costs, and pre-billing of the transportation service, can all be automated.  Likewise, shippers that need to support reverse logistics (returnables) can automatically identify and track items that should be returned thereby reducing loss and cost.


A full suite of reporting functionality is available to identify trends and KPIs in your logistics supply chain. The Control Track platform comes complete with a standard set graphical displays, data screens, and exportable reports. Customized reports are available upon request.

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