We’RControl is a US affiliated company of Recurso Confiable, a Mexican company founded in 1997 with operations in international markets and owner of the largest cargo truckdrivers’ database in Latin America.

We’RControl is a collaborative tool that can integrate systems to generate measurements, visibility and control of logistics events gathering information from carriers, GPS companies, truck drivers, shipping companies, retailers and other stakeholders all in one place, we have designed a powerful logistics management system, LMS, that allows us to oversee and control primary and secondary cargo operations.

Our system modules can operate together or independently allowing our clients to choose the solution that is right for them.

Through the Tendering Module, the request that the shipping clients make to its carriers are entered into the system by uploading a shipping plan from which they control what is planned vs results, thus obtaining savings in time and communications costs, mitigating human error and keeping tight management indicators.

The Access Control Module allows controlling the use of certified drivers with up-to-date documentation.

The Shift System Module helps to guarantee the loading docks designation process, the elements systems and oversees logistical events such as arrival to dock, when the loading/unloading process begins and when it is finished, delivery of documents, safety locks and other details that the customer may require, all of this is done through management by exception processes. When the vehicle begins its route, the system sends a shipping announcement to stakeholders informing estimated time of arrival, drivers full name, license plate, cargo information and other details based on each customer’s needs.

Through our Web Tracking System, it is possible to monitor the vehicle’s progress through different integrated GPS platforms or using our app which can be installed on any smart phone. We can also geo reference the client’s delivery points, dangerous areas and shipping routes so as to calculate the estimated time of arrival and to be warned of the route detours or stops.

With our Scheduling and Supplier Reception System, along the wide network of digital phones we can register the driver’s arrival at main retailers and distribution centers in regard to the delivery of merchandise to the final client.

With our RC Mobile App one can receive delivery status in real time. RC Mobile can control proof of delivery, read barcodes, receive signatures and carry out online services surveys.

The Transportation Cost Management Module allows to completely control transportation expenses thus mitigating mistakes that are common in manual processes.

We’RControl is your strategic ally in offering security and visibility transparency along the entire logistics chain improving and standardizing processes with the best practices on the market.

If our services could provide added value to your company, please contact us or if you know of someone who would benefit from our services, please let us know so that we can connect with them. You can visit our website, https://www.wercontrol.us to receive more information, email contact@wercontrol.us or via phone or text to (281)217-8954, we will be more than happy to help.

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