Complex global supply chains, increasingly demanding clients and the strong trend toward more customized products are putting more demands on supply chains. And while information technology is providing some solution to these problems, there are also more basic practices and concepts that remain useful in a complex, fast-changing world.

Whether you are just beginning to establish your supply chain or are looking to improve what you already have, here are 4 tips to improve supply chain management in your business.

4 Steps to successful supply chain management

1. Find the right people. The best supply chain professionals have strong communication and relationship management skills to deal with both internal and external stakeholders. They also have the ability to think strategically and create value. Once you’ve found the right people, you’ll want to organize your supply chain to maximize their effectiveness.

2. Establish alliances with key suppliers. You shouldn’t simply be telling your supplier what to do. You should listen to your suppliers and create a partnership to achieve common goals. You’ll want to:

  • Create a mechanism to ensure the continuity of the relationship;
  • find methods to resolve problems;
  • jointly pursue continuous improvement goals; and
  • ensure that performance targets are being met

3. Improve the flow of information. Getting the right product at the right place as fast as possible is one of the primary goals of supply chain management. To achieve this goal, many supply chains will tend to carry too many products at a time, leading to increased costs and inefficiencies.

To limit your inventory levels, focus on transferring information to your suppliers as quickly as possible. They will then be able to increase or decrease supply in accordance.

Just like inventory should always be moving, delays in information transfer should also be tackled as soon as they appear. We’RControl gives everyone in your company the ability to track and act on key KPIs by bringing together data, systems, and people, all in one place.

Learn more about our collaborative tool that can integrate systems to generate measurements, visibility and control of logistic events, at

4. Make technology work for you. Before selecting what technology solution you purchase, review what part of your process you want to improve and select technology that best satisfies your need.

Generally, the size of the software solution you require depends on the nature and complexity of your business. We can assist you choosing the right solution for you.

If you would like to learn more about how our Logistics Solution can solve these problems please let us know! You can find us at, through our social media platforms on Facebook and LinkedIn, by mail at or via phone or text to (281)217-8954, we will be more than happy to help.

Corporate Summary:

We’RControl ( in Austin, TX is the newly established US subsidiary of Recurso Confiable with 8 offices in the USA, Mexico, Central America, and Southern America. Recurso Confiable ( ), established in Mexico City 22 years ago as a background checking service for the trucking industry, has evolved into the industry standard in Latin America for Logistics Management Software with over 50% of the Fortune 500, more than 134 GPS/ELD partners, millions of tracked trips per year, and over 2B tracked GPS pings annually. More than 3,000 customers depend on our Logistics Solutions including: Walmart, Home Depot, Kellogg, Unilever, DHL, Bayer, Nestle, Transplace, Colgate, Bayer, Kimberly Clark and others.
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